10 Best Harnesses for French Bulldogs

best bulldog harnesses

If you are looking for the best harnesses for a French bulldog, then you are at the right place. Finding the right harness for your French bulldog is a tedious task as there are a lot of brands available in the market also it is not easy to find the French bulldog harness that is perfect for your dog because, the quality of the harness surely matters, especially when you take your dog outdoors. The best quality harness will keep your dog stay in one place and it will help you control the dog when it is going all over the place. That is why it is important to find the best harness for your dog. Here you can find the options so that you can choose the perfect one that is suitable for your dog.

If you are a French Bulldog pet owner, then you know how active these dogs are. It is common for this breed to have a curious behavior; it defines the personality of the French bulldog. Also, these pets are attention grabbers and cannot stay in one place when you take them out for a walk. That is why it is important to find a Frenchie dog harness for your French Bulldog.

The 10 Best Harness for French Bulldogs

1. Ruffwear All-Day Adventure Frenchie Harness for Bulldogs   

Ruffwear is the best harness for French bulldog that works as a perfect for pullers. It features 2-leash attachments spots, one is located on the upfront of the chest, this point allows you to have more control when the pup pulls you and it is still in the training period. The other point is positioned at the back, as it allows you to have a more relaxed and peaceful walk.

The aluminum accessory rings offer a strong, durable, and safe connection. Ruffwear French bulldog harness is a hassle-free harness as it is designed to fit perfectly and slip easily over the dog’s head, and the harness stays secure as it comes with the side-release buckles, which make it easy to put it on and take your dog out for a walk.

The Frenchie harness is designed for bulldogs, it comes with padded belly and chest panel and it offers comfort the entire day and your dogs can enjoy extended walks, hike, and runs. The harness fits perfectly on your pup as it comes with the 4-adjustable points.

The Ruffwear all-day adventure Front Range harness is easy to put on your pup and it feels comfortable even when your pup for long walks. The ID pocket feature allows you to place the dog tags easily and also easily accessible.


  • Everyday Harness, comfortable and easy to put on
  • Personalizable fit with 4-adjustable points and permits full-range of motion
  • 2-leash attachment spots, aluminum V-ring on the bulldog’s back and unbreakable webbing on the bulldog’s chest
  • Padded belly and chest panel for best load spreading and comfortable, extensive wear
  • Low-light perceptibility with insightful trim

2. Puppia RiteFit Soft Dog Harness:

The Puppia RiteFit Frenchie dog harness is a soft dog harness and it is the perfect option for your pet friend for daily walks. The harness offers quick release buckles and contains hook & loop neck straps, also, it offers adjustable chest belt with D-ring and snaps buckle to hook regular leashes.  The Puppia RiteFit offers extra comfort to your pup and assures long lasting durability.  It comes in a lightweight and comfortable material that contains soft-edge piping for safe fit and comfort.


  • Soft and comfortable Harness
  • Adjustable hook and loop neck strap for dogs in small to medium size
  • Made of 100 percent polyester
  • Air-mesh and soft padding for extra comfort
  • Genuine Puppia rubber-label

3. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness:

PetSafe Easy is one of the best harnesses for a bulldog that allow you as well as your dog to enjoy lung-free long walks around your block. This easy walk harness avoids you to pull the dog on its throat as it connects near the chest. Also, it allows you to steer your dog and get control of your dog during its daily walks. The harness is available in different sizes and it can fit other breeds also.


  • Your dog cannot pull on the leash as the harness discourages and makes your walks more enjoyable and hassle-free
  • It comes with a quick snap shoulder and belly buckle straps for quick on & off.
  • Martingale loop near chest avoids twisting, contains 4-adjustment points offer maximum ease and reliable fit
  • Perfect for training pups to walk perfectly on a leash
  • Chest strap holds across the chest of your dog instead of putting more pressure on the throat, so when the dog pulls the leash, it won’t get choked or there won’t be any gagging.

4. EcoBark Dog Harness:

EcoBark dog harness offers maximum Comfort and safety for your dog when you take for a long walks.  It is an eco-friendly design that comes with durable and ultra-soft straps that are made from recycled water bottles. The harness is also made of non-toxic certified polyester mesh that is available in a lightweight, and the padded webbing design is flexible and offers a complete-range of natural and free movement.  It also includes the best features like new and pioneering non-choke design that protects your dog’s delicate throat, and the quick release and non-breakaway clasps guarantee that your dog will be safe even when you take for hiking, running or for long walks.


  • Certified polyester, non-toxic mesh webbing is flexible and lightweight that offers full-range natural and free movements
  • Eco-friendly design offers ultra-soft and reliable straps that are made from used water bottles.
  • Available in 8-bright colors and 6-sizes that perfectly fits for a large range of dogs
  • The modern non-choke design safeguards the sensitive throat of your dog when it pulls on a leash.

5. PetBuckle Pet Seat Belt Harness for Bulldogs:

The PetBuckle frenchie harness is a seat belt harness for dogs less than twenty pounds.  The seat belt harness has shown tremendous results in the crash test. It not only protects the dog but also saves the passengers in case a crash occurs.  The test results show that the harness is five times powerful and stronger than the competitors. To install, you can use either PetBuckle Kwik or seat belt loop. It is the industries only high-quality automotive pet travel product that is designed to offers a crash-tested safety.  This product allows the pet owner drive the car with confidence as they are sure that their pets are safe and secured.


  • Easy-to-use, it is easy to put on the harness on the dog, easy to move and adjust
  • Comfortable design for dogs and it reduces the possible choking hazard
  • The durable design of the harness features high-quality buckles, adjusters, and latches

6. Chai’s Choice Best Dog Harness:

It is the best 3M Reflective Vest that is the best option for the dogs that loves outdoor adventures.  The reflective vest comes with two leashes and handle attachments. Before placing an order, take a look at the sizing chart to find the perfect leash available.   The Chai’s choice is a stylish, scratch-resistance, durable, and lightweight duraflex buckle that offers high-capacity that actually improves tensile strength.

The advanced design assures that it is easy to put and take off the harness. The lightweight mesh with soft sponge padding in belly and chest makes the dog feel comfortable to walk long walks. To adjust the straps, first push and then pull trough truelove buckle for perfect fitting. Also, it comes with the two-leash attachment points, including the webbing with a zinc-alloy ring on the chest and on the other point on the back of the dog.

The harness contains 3M-reflective material included with Nylon Webbing for good night visibility and it comes with a strong handle for twisting seat belt through to protect your dog while taking in your car.


  • Perfect option for night time walking, as it comes with 3M-reflective material that allows you to see the dog in low lighting
  • Padded belly and chest straps keep dog secure and comfortable and do not choke the dog during leash pull
  • Comes in two-leash attachment point, one attachment point through O-ring on the chest and another one on the back
  • Handle on the top of the harness can also be used to ride dogs in the car and buckle it for easier and safer road trips
  • Comes with easy adjustable straps, 9-outstanding color choices and available in different sizes

7. Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Harness:

The Kurgo Tru-Fit is a perfect harness for dogs as it passed the crash test successfully. The harness comes with a lifetime guarantee and you can claim for the new piece if you find any manufacturing defects. It is also, one of the popular brands that have gone through the crash test for safety. The crash test follows the child care seat standards, and the improved strength harness has crash tested for bulldogs up to 75pounds.

It is one of the best and everyday use as it offers adjustable and comfortable features and offers no-pull D-ring, and contains five-adjustment points for personalize fit on dogs of all sizes and shapes, including taking the dog on a ride in a car, padded chest plate for additional protections and comfort.

The harness is designed with high-quality material, and it guaranteed that the harness is most secure for your dog. It will protect the pup from any road accidents that may occur, and it also protects you from agitated driving.  The uniqueness of this harness is that it contains a steel nested buckle that is mostly used by mountain climbers for obtaining ultimate strength.


  • Quick Release Buckles
  • Broad and padded chest and back straps
  • Can buckle up in the cars to avoid distracted driving
  • No-pull harness with D-Ring

8. Personalized Mesh Dog Harness:

It is one of the best harnesses available in the market that offers a comfortable soft padded no-choke harness. It comes with an adjustable opening that will big enough to slide the harness easily over the head.  The personalized mesh harnesses are designed particularly for small dogs that are not more than 35 to 45 pounds.

The mesh harnesses are made of breathable and lightweight mesh fabric that comes with an adjustable point at chest for quick strapping, also you can release the buckle quickly.  It also provides D-Ring for better leash attachment.  The personalized mesh dog harness is available in four sizes and in 12 beautiful colors. You can also select your embroidery from eleven different colors.


  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Soft and comfortable polyester air-mesh
  • Comfortable and safe around the shoulders and neck
  • D-Ring for best leash attachment
  • Ideal for small dogs or the dogs that do not pull the leash
  • Not suitable for tie outs

9. Professional Quality Harness by GoPets:

It is a no-pull dog harness designed by GoPets and comes in a reflective stitching along with WBA (Waste Bag Attachment) for medium to big dogs. The special offer includes a free bag for dog treats, keys, waste poop bags, or anything else that you want to take with you when you take your pup for a walk.

The harness is easy to put on your pet as it offers unique design and that can be used in various ways to stop the pulling and find which one works better for your bulldog. The professional harness comes in only one color that is orange for safety and it is also highly reflective and it glows in the dark. The harness is the perfect choice for dogs that have medium size chest around 22 to 28 inch chest. Buy this harness with confidence and your dog is sure to enjoy the comfort and no-pull leash.


  • Padded chest and back straps
  • Quick Release Buckles
  • Comes with special offers
  • No-pull harness with D-Ring
  • Offers great experience

10. Roughtail Pet Dog Harness:

This dog harness comes with reflective materials for the safety of your pet. People can see the dog when you take the dog for walking or taking for a car rides in the dark. Choosing the right harness helps you keep your dog safe and avoid the rub on its skin and it does not cause irritation.

The Roughtail harness comes with adjustable straps and it is made of a strong material that covers the front body of your dog.  It is a great gift for your dog and it comes in various sizes  The company provides all the dog products and all the products are pet-friendly as they are made of high-quality materials as they focus more on the safety, reliability, and the comfort for dogs.


  • Comfortable and easy-to-put harness and dogs love to walk or ride in a car for a longer time
  • The best gift for your pet as it does not harm or choke the throat of the dog or rub its skin
  • Comes with adjustable straps
  • Strong materials
  • Perfect for small to large dogs

Why Should You Buy A Harness For Your French Bulldog?

Some people still think there is no need of buying a harness for their French bulldog, they feel collar or leash is more than enough. But, the fact is, you need to buy a top-quality harness for your bulldog for several reasons and it is totally necessary and it is much more advantageous than just a collar or a leash.

One of the main reasons why you need a harness for your French bulldog is that it is a very active dog and it goes everywhere when you take your dog for a walk outside.  The dog’s common nature is to pull when it is on a leash, and when it pulls harder it is hard to control.

The French Bulldogs are active dogs, and when they go outside they become more active and also they are commonly very curious dogs. They love to explore everything and anything that they find in the surroundings, and they love to go to different places instead of going the same route when they are outside the house.

When you take any dog, and if its nature is to pull on the leash, then using harness is the better idea as they are much easier to handle and also they are a safe option compared to collar or leash. If you put a collar or a leash, then there are more chances that your dog may get injuries if it pulls too strong.

If your bulldog is big and strong, and if it weighs more than 60-pounds, and if it pulls the leash too strong, then it can easily get choked. It can also injure its neck, and sometimes the injuries can be severe and fatal. That is why it is very important to consider a harness instead of leash and collar to protect your dog from injuries.

Breathing Difficulties:  The other main reason why you need to buy a harness is that the French bulldogs face breathing problems. Most of these French Bulldogs suffer from BAS (Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome) a medical condition.  These dogs were born with that medical condition. Compared to other dog breeds, the French bulldogs have more difficult to breathe properly as they have wider air passages and nostrils.

That is why it is suggestible to use a harness when you take your French bulldog outside for a walk.  It is more compulsory than anything else and it can support better than just a normal collar or a leash. In fact, the collar or a leash can cause more difficult to breathe as they are more chances of getting choked when your dog pulls harder. It is needed especially when you take your dog outside for exercise, including hiking, running, or walking.

Soft and comfortable harness that fits perfectly around the dog’s chest and back, then they feel comfortable and you can have complete control over it when you take outside for physical exercises. Also, the dog won’t get breathing problems.

What Category Determines The Best Frenchie Harnesses?

The following list shows the most vital criteria that you should follow before buying a Frenchie harness to your bulldog.

Proper Size:  Choose perfect size harness for your dog. It is a very important factor to consider as the best harness can fit small dogs as well as big dogs as they come with adjustable points.

You need to buy a proper size harness for your French bulldog for two reasons, if the harness is a bit loose, then the dog can slip out easily and it gets harder to control the dog. If the harness is a bit tight, then the dog may face breathing problems and these French Bulldogs are born with this medical condition. That is why you need to get a perfect size.

Proper Material:  Also, high-quality material is another crucial criterion that you should look for when you are buying a harness for your bulldog. The best quality materials are mostly made of leather. The leather harness will make your dog feel comfortable even you take her for long walks.

It is better to avoid harnesses made from materials like Nylon as the French bulldogs don’t feel comfortable wearing them for a longer period. These dogs can get all kinds of skin irritations easily. If at all you have to buy other material harnesses instead of leather, then look for padding harness as they do not cause any skin irritation to your dog.

The high-quality harnesses always come with multiple padding layers that give comfort and keep your dog safe when you take it outside for long walks.

Do not support Pulling: As a French bulldog pet owner, you will know by now that this breed is very active and it gets curious about nature when you take the dog outside for a walk.  The best harness protects your dog as well as you from accidents. The full-range harness gives you control over your dog when it tends to pull on the leash. Also, you should find the harness that is easy-to-put as it is also an important criterion.

The above mentioned ten best harnesses for French Bulldogs are the best and affordable harnesses that can help you find the best one for your French Bulldog.

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